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2016 | Web Design, Stationery


Web Design, Stationery

GhFITLAB is a personal training and rehabilitation studio in Chicago committed to providing its clients a life without pain. Their highly specialized and personalized programs are specifically tailored to each client's needs. 

With this unique product in mind, we set out to create a brand that spoke to GhFITLAB’s union of fitness and medicine. We updated the assets and photography within the existing brand for a sleeker, more modern feel without sacrificing the trusted reputation of the established brand. We created a custom site that streamlined their sign-up process, along with new advertising and packaging that aligned with the updated aesthetic. 

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OTHER is the studio practice of award-winning art director and multi-disciplinary graphic designer, Eileen Tjan. Based in Chicago, OTHER bridges international aesthetics to deliver progressive design and branding services.

OTHER Studio

Founded in 2014, OTHER Studio pushes the boundaries of design and art direction to bring creative solutions to brands. The studio's mission is to provide contemporary design thinking, progress design culture, and to cultivate a collaborative creative community through events focused on arts, culture, and education.