Gc Issue 3 Edit01

Grand Circus Magazine Issue III

2016 | Editorial, Print


Editorial, Print

Grand Circus Magazine is a biannual briefing on the culture of Detroit. OTHER handles design and art direction of each issue. The publication itself represents an evolving perspective on the city of Detroit and focuses on archiving the city’s growth. Project documentation by Samuel Lucas Gove.

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Video Component ↓

To bring an analog product into the digital space, each issue of Grand Circus Magazine is released with an accompanied video interpretation. For this issue, we worked with Dean Storm of Storm Co. to document the magazine's release party.

OTHER is the studio practice of award-winning art director and multi-disciplinary graphic designer, Eileen Tjan. Based in Chicago, OTHER bridges international aesthetics to deliver progressive design and branding services.

OTHER Studio

Founded in 2014, OTHER Studio pushes the boundaries of design and art direction to bring creative solutions to brands. The studio's mission is to provide contemporary design thinking, progress design culture, and to cultivate a collaborative creative community through events focused on arts, culture, and education.