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2016 | Branding, Video, Creative Direction, Environmental


Branding, Video, Creative Direction, Environmental

The Yards isn’t out to reinvent the city, but it is out to revolutionize the scene. This is a hotbed for plates — home, steel and entrée. Appetizing interiors mingle with the great outdoors and there’s a hidden gem almost everywhere you look. It’s an unexpected urban oasis for insiders and a dream location for district navigators. Like its riverfront backdrop, The Yards moves to its own currents. It’s a place where routine excursions can become “did that just happen?” adventures. Work designed while Eileen was employed at Design Army.

The Yards Pattern
The Yards Brand01B
Theyards Videoshoot
The Yards Brand02
04B The Yards
The Yards Tote
The Yards Coasters
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OTHER is the studio practice of award-winning art director and multi-disciplinary graphic designer, Eileen Tjan. Based in Chicago, OTHER bridges international aesthetics to deliver progressive design and branding services.

OTHER Studio

Founded in 2014, OTHER Studio is situated in Chicago's Humboldt Park. The studio's mission is to provide contemporary design solutions, progress design culture, and to cultivate a collaborative creative community through events focused on arts, culture, and education.