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2016 | Video, Art Direction, Prop Design


Video, Art Direction, Prop Design

Video work is a valuable opportunity to get creative while delving into a brand. The pieces below are a mix of some of our favorite in-house work and collaborations. 

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A compilation of our work put into motion.


Karla Coletto | 2013 ↑

Karla Colletto releases a promotional video every year to launch her newest collection. This year we decided to create a whimsical story of an it-girl on the run. In this playful, indie fashion film our runaway star finally finds her tranquility with Karla Colletto. Video created while employed at Design Army.

Neenah Sharp N Head1 O

Neenah "What Moves You?" Campaign | 2015 ↑

Neenah Papers needed a new promotional piece for their Classic brand. An adventurous take on traditional promotional pieces, we tackled an ambitious video project. The storyboarding, prop creation, and styling were all done in house. Video created while employed at Design Army.

Neenah Vdo Promo1 O
Screen Shot 2013 04 16 At 12 02 37 O
Screen Shot 2013 04 16 At 12 07 22 O
Screen Shot 2013 04 16 At 12 09 18 O
Screen Shot 2013 04 16 At 12 11 03 O
Question Mark

Council of the Great City Schools | 2014 ↑

Worked on a team of animators and illustrators under the lead of director Joe Donaldson. Assisted in concepting and boarding style frames for this motion graphic PSA for CGCS. Video created under the direction of Joe Donaldson.

Wood Blocks
Rd2 Conveyor Belt 0002 Layer Comp 3
Rd2 Conveyor Belt 0003 Layer Comp 4

OTHER is the studio practice of award-winning art director and multi-disciplinary graphic designer, Eileen Tjan. Based in Chicago, OTHER bridges international aesthetics to deliver progressive design and branding services.

OTHER Studio

Founded in 2014, OTHER Studio is situated in Chicago's Humboldt Park. The studio's mission is to provide contemporary design solutions, progress design culture, and to cultivate a collaborative creative community through events focused on arts, culture, and education.