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Peekskill Brewery

2016 | Print, Packaging


Print, Packaging

Peekskill Brewery is an innovative brewpub on the Hudson River in Peekskill, New York. The owners built their popularity serving hand-crafted, locally sourced food and beer in a warm industrial setting. As they expanded the selection of beers brewed on the premises, they looked to us for a refresh on their packaging. 3D renderings by Chad Ashley. 

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Higher Standard Edit
Peekskill Standard
Peekskill Amazeballs
Nypa Edit
Wake Up Call

Template Based Packaging ↓

We used the original packagings tone as a jumping off point to create cans with a more modern aesthetic. The redesign uses a template to create a consistent, recognizable look for the brand while allowing stylistic variation for each beer. It ties together packaging ranging from wild and intricate to minimal and quiet.

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Peekskill 7
Peekskill 6
Peekskill 4
Peekskill 2
Peekskill 1
Peekskill 5

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