Pyramid Arcade Cards

Pyramid Arcade

2016 | Branding, Print, Packaging


Branding, Print, Packaging

We worked with Looney Labs to cohesively design Pyramid Arcade — a collection of small, thematic games. We created a visual system that was usable across multiple games within the 'arcade', giving each game a unique look and voice, but still consistently designed with the rest of the package. We used mock ups and rule guides from the client to synthesize a look and feel for the brand based around geometric iconography. We were challenged with making each game feel cohesive with the overall set while still maintaining their own unique tones. 

Featured on Behance Gallery, Behance InDesign Gallery, interview on More Games Please.

Pyramid Open Box
Pyramid Box Cover
Pyramid Logo 1
Pyramid Logo 2
Pyramid Thumb
Pyramid Petal
Pyramid Got

Individual Game Design ↓

Individual game logos were designed utilizing a geometric template. The result was a colorful array of aesthetically consistent yet uniquely identifiable patches.

Pyramid Game Logos
Pyramid Ac 1
Pyramid Ac 2
Pyramid Ac 3
Pyramid Guide Cover
Pyramid Guide 1
Pyramid Guide 4
Pyramid Petri
Pyramid Lunar
Pyramid Powerhouse

Custom Card Deck ↓

Many of the Pyramid Arcade games require a deck of cards to play. Instead of a standard deck, we designed custom cards and illustrations that feel equally cohesive with the Pyramid Arcade and Looney Labs branding.

Pyramid Zc 1
Pyramid Zc 5
Pyramid Zc 6
Pyramid Zc 4
Pyramid Zc 7
Pyramid Zc 8
Pyramid Zc 2
Pyramid Zc 3
Pyramid Vert
Pyramid Zark
Pyramid Ww5
Pyramid Poster

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