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Spectrum Boutique

2016 | Branding, Art Direction, Photography


Branding, Art Direction, Photography

Based in Detroit Michigan, Spectrum Boutique is a sex-positive toy store that has a no-nonsense approach to sexuality and sexual education. Led by the efforts of Zoe Ligon, Spectrum Boutique also supports and creates content on sex, health, and relationships. Our challenge was to create a brand that needed to be playful and inviting, professional but approachable. What we developed was an identity that  sticks out in it's industry by promoting a personable, fun, and established personality. 

Spectrum Cards
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Spectrum Boutique Postcard
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Art Directed Photography ↓

We paired with local photographer and collaborator Matthew Avignone to create surreal promotional photography.

Spectrum Photo 2
Spectrum Photo 1
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Social Media Content ↓

OTHER produced supportive social media content for Spectrum Boutique across platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

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Hand Vibrator Web
Hand Lube Web
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Custom Illustrations ↓

A custom single weight illustration style was developed for the brand. Depicting human figures, while distilling them down to their most basic geometric representations, allowed for an abstracted and open interpretation of people and gender.

Spectrum Shirts
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Spectrum Totes
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OTHER is the studio practice of award-winning art director and multi-disciplinary graphic designer, Eileen Tjan. Based in Chicago, OTHER bridges international aesthetics to deliver progressive design and branding services.

OTHER Studio

Founded in 2014, OTHER Studio pushes the boundaries of design and art direction to bring creative solutions to brands. The studio's mission is to provide contemporary design thinking, progress design culture, and to cultivate a collaborative creative community through events focused on arts, culture, and education.